Patient Experience

Patient experience reporting has proven to reduce risk and improve health outcomes. Royston Hospital undertakes to provide the opportunity for all those in our care to tell us about their experiences. Using an online Patient Reported Experience Measure tool, everyone who receives care at our hospital is sent an electronic survey.

Our average response rate is 46% with over 14,000 surveys sent in 2020. In addition, other forms of feedback, be it verbal, email or letter, are all reviewed for improvements.

Through this feedback, Royston Hospital and Evolution Healthcare are able to monitor and review the service and staff performance against key areas including;

  • Kindness and Compassion – how well were our patients treated?
  • Privacy, Dignity and Support – was the dignity and privacy of our patients upheld?
  • Communication and Information – were our patients listened to and treatment options provided?
  • Pain and Nausea – did we help to manage and alleviate pain and nausea?
  • Environment and Food – were the rooms clean and comfortable, and was the food nutritious and tasty?
  • Discharge – did we prepare our patients for leaving the hospital?
  • Our Staff – were staff professional and courteous?

How we performed in 2020:

Our staff; nurses, doctors, allied health
Meeting patient rights (privacy, communication, respect, choice)
Meeting our values (compassion, Integrity, collaboration)
Environment and Food