Facilities for specialists

Facilities for specialists

Facilities for specialists

Supported by the very latest technology, equipment, and facilities, at Royston Hospital we are able to provide the most comprehensive range of private surgical facilities in the Hawke’s Bay area.

Operating Theatre and Recovery

Our operating theatre suite comprises 7 theatres including 2 state-of-the-art digital theatres opened in March 2023. A dedicated endoscopy procedure room and modern CSSD are located centrally within the theatre department.

Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU) & Day stay unit (DSU)

Our new 10 bed PACU & 8 bedded/lazy boy day surgery unit with a dedicated discharge lounge is situated adjacent to the operating theatres. The light and spacious DSU which adjoins PACU specialises in care and support for patients to have surgery and be discharged home on the same day, usually within two to three hours. Your specialist will admit you through this unit whenever clinically appropriate.

The benefits of day surgery include less time away from home and work, a smooth streamlined admission, surgery, recovery and discharge process.

Our new Admissions area provides dedicated admitting rooms and cubicles for patients prior to their transfer into theatre.

Royston Centre

The Royston Centre is also home to the team at Focus Health Physiotherapy and TRG Imaging (previously Hawke’s Bay Radiology).