Frequently asked questions

Where can I park?

Free parking is located in the Royston Centre parking area, accessible via Prospect Road. Additional street parking is available on Prospect and Southland Roads.

There are Access parks located to the left of the main entrance on Prospect Road and one immediately in front of the main entrance.
There is an undercover drop off and pick up drive through at the main entrance.

Enter the main Royston Centre lobby facing Prospect Road. The reception area is located on your left.
Note: this is the entrance to Royston Hospital and Royston Centre specialists.
TRG Imaging and Focus Health Physiotherapy have their own off-street entrances.

• Original admitting forms if still held by you
• Your prior approval letter
• All medications you are currently taking in their original containers, including herbal and dietary supplements
• Print out of medication list from your GP or Pharmacy
• Glasses and mobility aids

Inpatients should also bring
• Night attire
• Comfortable footwear
• Personal toiletries
• Children’s toys (as appropriate)

Visiting hours are from 1 pm to 7pm. There may need to be exceptions to the stated visiting hours. Please discuss with the Shift Coordinator on the ward as needed.
COVID-19 Alert Levels 2,3,4 – Visiting will be restricted; the website will be updated should alert levels change or ring Royston Reception to confirm.

Visiting restrictions are variable, dependent upon the current COVID-19 alert level in place. You have a right to limit the number of visitors, or not have visitors at all. Please talk to your nurse to arrange this. We do ask that you show courtesy to other patients and nursing staff by limiting noise and the number of visitors present at any one time.

Prior to the beginning of your procedure your specialist will see you in the admitting area or anaesthesia bay.

On your arrival to the Post Anaesthesia Care Unit your designated contact person will be notified via telephone.

When your surgery is scheduled your specialist will book your estimated length of hospital stay.
Day Surgery Patients usually stay between one – two hours following surgery. However, this can vary for some procedures and may extend to overnight hours depending on your specialist’s and your nurse’s assessment.

Superior room upgrades incur an additional charge which may be covered in whole or in part by your medical insurance policy. Please discuss this with our senior staff prior to or during your stay.
Planned additional stays are not always possible due to our patient bookings. Please discuss this with your specialist and the hospital well in advance of your admission.

Visitor questions

Do I have to book before visiting someone at Royston?

Booking is not required. We request you scan the QR code or sign the visitor register on entry. Please do not visit if you are unwell and/or have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

Should you want to bring food or drinks into hospital it is important that it is safe and hygienic. Many cases of food poisoning in hospital have been traced back to food brought in from outside. If you would like to bring food into hospital we ask that you bring healthy choices.

Visiting hours are from 1pm until 7pm. The clinical condition of some patients may restrict the number of visitors allowed.

Overnight stays for a parent or caregiver of a dependent child should be discussed with your specialist so that this request can be pre-arranged with the hospital.
There is no provision for overnight stays for a support person at the hospital.

Please enquire at Reception or the ward Nurses Station on arrival.

Telephone 06 8731111 and the receptionist will transfer your call.